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Somerset Account Questions

Can customers use their existing Somerset Checking Account?

Yes. If you’ve previously opened another checking account with Somerset Trust it will show up during onboarding and you can select it from a list. You must, however, open up a new Roam Savings account to serve as your tax withholding account. This keeps your tax savings separate from other savings you may have.

What are the fees for this account?

The Roam Gig Suite currently has no fees and there are even ATM rebates set up to make access to your account free and secure.

How to open the Somerset Gig Suite?

The Gig Suite can be opened from the following link:  

New and existing customers can sign-up and open their tax withholding accounts by following this link.

How do I get help for a customer?

Please use the button in the lower right-hand corner to submit a ticket.  In the ticket plaese include the customer’s name and  email that they used to open the account in the description.  We will respond within 4 business hours.


How do I get started?

RoamHR can act as a calculator and project your income based on the amount you’ve earned to date, figure out your taxes and make an assessment of how you’re saving.  When you subscribe and add a tax savings account, Roam really gets powerful.  You connect Roam to your primary bank, and it will listen for deposits, notify you and automatically figure out your recommended withholding.  With simple rules, it will automatically take taxes out of your incoming payments and move those into your secure tax savings account.  You can also enable Roam to make automatic quarterly payments to the IRS on your behalf.

How does RoamHR calculate taxes?

Roam needs to know the amount of income you have earned to date in order to have a baseline to start.  Once it has a baseline, we add new income processed and create a projection for the end of the year.  We create a projection every time you interact with the software, so if you haven’t earned income recently, we account for that, as well.  We pull your projected taxes from US tax tables and make recommendations based on where you are today.  This way we can handle huge fluctuations to your income.

How do IRS payments work?

Payments are an optional service within RoamHR.  You can sign up for the service under the application settings/Payments.  You will just need to provide some additional information in order for us to process your registration, including your last year’s tax filing data.  Once you sign up and activate payments, we will automatically pull funds from your Tax Savings account into a payment account for the IRS.  We pull as close to the amount you owe as your balance will allow.  Activation needs to occur 7 days prior to the published IRS quarterly due date.

What happens with my data?

Our privacy policy is available in the application under settings. We do not sell personal data.  We provide it to 3rd parties only when they need it to provide a service as part of the application.  Data is used to to understand and improve our services, and we may roll up data elements to understand our customers.  Please see details in our privacy policy.

Is RoamHR secure?

Security is our number one priority, and we take it very seriously.  Our first course of action is to store the least amount of data that we can to provide the service.  We rely on secure service providers to store bank account information, and use tokenized access to it so that it doesn’t reside in our data center.  When we have to store the data, we store it in secure facilities protected by strict identity and access protocols.

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