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    Earning your account award

    Step 1

    You must apply through the Steady market place as a logged in member .


    Open Roam Checking and Savings account

    Following the steps, you should receive an email notification from Somerset Trust to confirm when your accounts have been approved and opened.*


    *Approval Trouble?

    Repair your banking score


    Step 2

    Download the RoamHR Application and Login

    RoamHR can be downloaded for either IOS or Android from the respective app stores.

    If your account has been approved, it should link when you login and enter the requested information.

    Step 3

    Somerset Trust has a great website and app for online banking.  You can make deposits, pay bills, transfer funds and so much more.

    Use Somerset Trust Online Banking

    You’ll need to make at least a $5 deposit via online banking to use your debit card with in the final step of the process.

    Step 4

    Use Your Roam Gig Card 

    The debit card for your account should arrive by mail in 3-5 days from the time of your approval.  Make at least a $5 transaction and we’ll add $25 to your new account.


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    Please note that Steady maintains the right to modify or end this promotion at any time.

     Offer only valid in PA, OH, MD, DC.

    Accounts are opened following federally mandated “Know your customer” processes which require validation of identity and other citizenship information.  Must be 18 years of age to open an account.

     Deposit of awards is not immediate and may take RoamHR up to 14 calendar days after you have completed all the steps listed above and the accounts have been approved.

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