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Let the Saving Begin

Vaultz Inc. Launched their premier platform RoamHR to the Apple App Store this week after months of beta testing and final branding changes.  The application was announced at Fall Finovate under the moniker SMRTSVR which was thought to be to obscure for even today’s company nomenclature. 
“The brand now really addresses what we’ve been after all along”, said Rick Gonzalez, Vaultz CEO.  “We support the freedom that freelancers value and we want to let them know that this product is about having the ability to focus on the work they want to do.”
RoamHR is the first Intelligent Tax Savings Account to hit the App Store.  The platform attaches to customer’s bank accounts and listens for new income.  It estimates the customer’s taxes using a proprietary algorithm and then moves withholdings into the customer’s secure Tax Savings Account.  Customers can even set up the application to pay their estimated quarterly payments on their behalf.  The application is available now for download on the Apple Store and should hit the Android play store in the next couple of weeks.  For more information, contact
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