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Help freelancers get paid faster and keep more of their earnings.

The Roam Gig Suite Referral program is designed to help businesses that employ or  work directly with 1099 income earners extend the benefits of our platform. 

RoamHR offers real FDIC insured bank accounts from community institutions that work to improve the financial management and tax savings capabilities of freelance workers. 

Get approved as a referral partner and we’ll send you fifty dollars for each account registered by your referral.


Accounts Include

The accounts offered with the Roam Gig Suite are standard FDIC insured bank accounts opened in the customer’s name. Accounts include standard banking features such as ATM access, statements, bill pay, mobile banking access and online banking through Somerset Trust Bank.

 Tax Withholding Recommendations

Quarterly Payment Reminders 

Optional IRS Payments

 Factors income from a “Normal” (W2) Job

Roamtrack Invoicing

 Automatically Track Mileage

 Automatically Track Bank Expenses

 Instant transfers between checking and tax withholding accounts


How to report referrals.


It’s simple. Once approved for the program, just send us an email for each referral.

For each referral, just send us an email to with the person’s name and email they used to register.  We’ll quickly confirm the registration and send you your referral fee.

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