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Steady has partnered with RoamHR to offer their users a free month of full access.  RoamHR helps you save for your 1099 tax payments, tracks your expenses and keeps you on target while you focus on earning and living your living.

1099s Rejoice

Roam is a platform made for you.

Being your own boss can be exciting and profitable.  Figuring out your withholdings and saving for quarterly payments … not so much.  RoamHR helps you by estimating your annual income and then saving just the right amount into your own Tax Savings Account – we’ll even automatically pay those painful quarterlies for you.  Our quick registration makes creating your account a breeze – and because you’re a Steady user, you’ll get your first month free.

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RoamHR Works Best When You Connect To Your Bank Account

Connect your checking account through our secure platform. We’ll automatically detect potential income deposits and suggest how much to save. No more calculating and forgetting to move funds to a savings account—we’ve got your back.

See how it works:

Track mileage and expenses to stay organized

Tracking mileage and other expenses doesn’t have to be painful. Knowing your expenses greatly reduces the amount due on your taxes.

Dedicated tax saving account makes saving simple.

RoamHR gives you a dedicated, secure tax savings account that you control from your phone.

Review the suggested amount to save and seamlessly move that amount into your tax savings account.


Quarterly tax payments? We got you.

We submit your quarterly taxes on your behalf based on your tax preferences, tracked expenses, and your secure tax savings account. No more guessing or overpaying. And WAY less paperwork.

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