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Let’s create better clients this year.

RoamHR does all the heavy lifting, so when it’s time to meet for tax season,  filing their taxes is a simple, clean and fast process,
enabling you to get more clients, more profitably.

No more CLIENT guesswork

We create a secure, intelligent tax savings account that helps 1099 earners estimate and save taxes on each work payment they receive, as soon as the money comes into their bank account.

RoamHR constantly estimates your client’s annual income and uses their tax profile to make recommendations and auto-transfers.  Your customers retain ACH access with their tax savings account, but the program automatically adjusts savings recommendations if they withdraw from it during the year.  Also, as a certified batch payment provider, we’ll even pay their quarterly estimates on time, right from the account.

Give your clients a 20% discount just by signing up today!


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At the end of the tax year,  your client can click a button and we’ll email you all the data we’ve collected throughout the year, including:

Their tax profile used;

All processed income transactions;

All processed expense transactions;

IRS payment history.

As Ohio CPAs, you can offer your clients a 20% discount on RoamHR. Sign up today and we’ll send you a link that will let them register for RoamHR and get started right away.


RoamHR data will ease the discussion around quarterly payments and earned income for 1099s and their accountants.

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